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Baltinester Jewelry, Engagement Ring, 14k Solid Gold, Dainty Pearl, June Birthst

Baltinester Jewelry, Engagement Ring, 14k Solid Gold, Dainty Pearl, June Birthst

We Create Luxury, Handmade Jewelry You’ll Never Forget


With this awesome and exceptionally diverse design our designer has emphasized that despite being different beings, every couple can be as one together. A dainty gold ring featuring a perfectly round pearl set at the top. Handmade from solid 14k gold, the ring features a slender band with two elegantly swirled gold pieces holding the pearl. Perfect as an alternative engagement ring.


Beautifully Crafted and Designed for Your Perfect Day


This awesome ring is beautifully handmade and the ring of your choice is highly personalized, to give you a creation of beauty, style and class.


Unique Engagement Rings Specifications


Quarter sizes from Size 4 to size 13.5
We Create Premium, Handmade Jewelry That You Will Adore


Every product is manufactured by highly skilled craftsmen with exclusive designs enabling us to deliver high-quality jewelry for your memorable moments.


We have a huge range of high class women, mens diamond rings, wedding jewelry, wedding rings, rings, bracelets, pendants and many other fine items available, please see our store.

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